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What is it? It is the injection of fat cells dissolving chemicals into specific small fat pockets in the body to treat it locally.

Areas or conditions treated by this treatment: Fat reduction in Chin and sub mental region, back flanks, arms, jowl reduction, saddlebags area, bra strap area, buffalo hump, love handles, hips, and inner thighs.

Success Rate: It has a moderate to high success rate if used for the appropriate above indications. Most patients will see “significant improvement”.

Side effects: Swelling and redness for up to 10 days sometimes.
Ideal for: small areas of asymmetry in body naturally or after liposuction for example, BMI less than 30, unwillingness to have surgical intervention, and no loose skin or stretch marks.
Number of sessions required: Best results will be achieved in 2 to 3 treatments.
How long does the benefit last: Usually it lasts for few years.
Cost: $300 per area, $200 per ½ area.(per session)

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